About Resultel Technologies

exclamationSince 2003, Resultel Technologies has filed 210+ applications to access SR&ED funds for projects worth over $90 milion dollars. 

If you're a hi-tech company, we're the partner to help you access SR&ED or OIDMTC tax credits.  Here's why:

Market Focus - We Have Deep Knowledge of Your Industry

We focus primarily on hi-tech and software start-ups.  This allows us to have significant depth and breadth of knowledge about your industry that is hard to find with our competitors who span many industries.

Perspective - 360° View Of Your Business

We take a 360° view of your business.  We started out in engineering.  We moved into IT / telecom infrastructure - business development - marketing.  And we came full circle in Management Consulting.  This helps us understand your business inside out, and offer a full perspective of what activities would qualify

Experience - With SR&ED And The CRA Processes

A lot has changed since 2003, but after 210+ applications - we know the process inside out.  There isn't anything we haven't seen at least twice.  We're your best chance for filing a successful application.

Results - Over 98% Success Rate

Approximately 98% of our applications have received funding from SR&ED or OIDMTC.  And those few that didn't - well those were the early days when we first started.  If you work with us, there is a very, very high probability your application will be successful.

Approach - We're Very Easy To Work With

When you work with us, you'll find it very comfortable and very easy.  We take charge and take the worry away from you. Worried about risk?  We've seen it all, and we'll put your mind at ease.  We're in constant communication so you know what's going on.  We're flexible with our schedules, so you're not in a bind emergencies come up with work.

Give Raj Phalpher a call for a free consultation at 416 786-4644 or email him at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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